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About Tammie

Tammie Wilson has been skating since she was five, competing as a figure skating medalist contender in regional, sectional, and national competitions across the U.S. She developed her skills and mentored under such notable skating professionals as internationally renowned Olympic figure skating coach Valentin Nikolayev (who also coached Viktor Petrenko and Oskana Baiul), Canadian Figure Skating Association Double Gold Medalist and Canadian Pair Silver Medalist Jane Hottinger, World Professional Pairs Champion and Olympic silver medalist Elena Betchke, and national competitor Candy Aylor.

Since leaving active competition, Tammie has focused on coaching, and specializes in power skating for hockey players, speed skating, figure skating, and moves in the field. Tammie bases her coaching philosophy around the idea that, in order to excel, skaters must master the use of their edges, learn how to position their bodies and maintain good balance, and practice, practice, practice. Most of all, Tammie believes it's necessary for skaters to love skating and to enjoy every minute on the ice. Without that enjoyment of the sport, skaters lose the drive and desire to work hard, which is crucial in order to achieve progressive levels of skill.

Currently, Tammie offers private and group instruction to developing hockey players and figure skaters in several rinks in the Triangle area. She also provides power skating instruction to the Carolina Lightning youth hockey team. Tammie's wide range of skills and talents on the ice have steered several of her clients to competitive play in the Junior Hurricanes' prestigious Squirt AA and Midget AA teams.

Tammie's additional contributions to the sport include a stint as Carolina Hurricanes' mischievous mascot, Stormy, and a film role in National Lampoon's Pucked, a film starring Jon Bon Jovi about an all-women's hockey league.

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