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Tammie, We have been so pleased with the improvement we've seen in our boys' skating. Not only has their speed increased, but their overall confidence on the ice has too. They are skating faster, turning sharper and starting and stopping much quicker.
During this past season, we watched our squirt player get moved up to the top line of his team as his skating improved. Then he helped his team win the Canes Cup in the playoffs!
As they continue to work with you, we look forward to watching them progress even more! Thank you for helping them take their game to the next level!
- Julie

My son has been taking lessons with Tammie for five months and the improvement he has made in such a short time is amazing. He has been on the ice since he was 3 years old, but like many skaters, developed a few bad habits. Tammie not only recognized these weaknesses but also implemented a plan to address and correct them to help him reach his full potential. People have pointed out how much his skating has improved in just a few short weeks.
- Wilma


Tammie Wilson is a patient and skilled skating coach. She was able to expand on my basic training through challenging drills that improved my performance. Coach Wilson is an excellent choice for beginners or proficient skaters. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to take their skating to the next level.
- Kristina

My son Jason had just started getting into hockey at the age of 5. He's a small kid, and I was seeking instructional 1:1 time for him to improve his foundational skating skills. Tammie has been just great to work with. She is particularly good with younger children, tailors her lessons based on the individual, and engages them in a way that makes it fun for them. Most importantly, Tammie's instruction for her hockey students is based on hockey skating. Jason really enjoyed working with her, and his skating has improved markedly over the last 4 months.
- Bernie


Our son was unfortunately roped into a travel peewee development program last year, which turned out to be a complete disaster, as he got very little playing time and hardly any " development". In desperation we turned to your power skating and private lessons to help our son regain his self respect. He is now totally into hockey and not feeling like a roster filler. Penciled in at the first line center for his second year peewee, he is flying high. Thank you so much for what you have done for our son!!!


- Rick & Joye


My son has several select coaches in the area all bringing something special. Tammie is one of those special coaches. 

My son has been working with Tammie since 2010.  He went from being one of the worst skaters to now one of the top of his age group. 

 She has helped him build confidence, pride, and commitment.  He love the game and she is a big part of that reason. Thank you 


- Ken 




you are Awesome!  Evan has improved his edges and speed to a level that gives him so much confidence. We are extremely happy with your efforts and his improvements.


Barry Woodard


You are the best. We've tried at least a dozen different instructors in 4 major cities and no one gets the results that you do. That's why even though Travis is now playing in college we still fly him to NC for at least a week prior to each season to fine tune his skating. He was just telling me this week he wishes you were in Minneapolis so he could spend all year working with your. You always know how to get the best out of him in every session. You're awesome and can't recommend you enough to all who want to get better at skating,


-Byron Walls


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